pure baby soap and shampoo


olive oil + coconut oil + shea butter
140 g

There’s nothing our pure baby soap won’t clean with the gentlest touch — baby’s face, hair, fingers, toes... and everywhere else. 

Énamour baby soap is made with the fewest possible ingredients — six to be exact — all natural and plant-based with names you can pronounce. 

We began with 20% organic shea butter, then added the right amount olive and coconut oil to create an all-purpose soap that is natural and unscented.  

Despite being a soap for sensitive skin, it doesn’t take long before everyone in the household starts using our pure baby soap. Natural soap feels better: why wash yourself with a long list of unpronounceable chemicals when you can feel fresh and clean with natural ingredients? 

Gently rub the soap on wet hair and body. Rinse well. Keep away from the eyes.

Olive oil, coconut oil*, shea butter*, soy wax/soybean oil*, water, sodium hydroxide. *From organic farming.

+ All natural & vegan
+ No added color
+ No added fragrance
+ No parabens
+ No animal testing
+ Donation for animal charities
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