100% naturals & plant based

These ingredients are what we call 'eco-luxe'


Acacia decurrens flower wax - texture agent, it protects the skin from dehydration, smooths and firms it.

Activated charcoal - it’s purifying, detoxifying and absorbing.

Bergamot oil - tones and purifies the skin while calming the body and mind with its smell.

Black spruce oil - antiseptic and antitussive, it fights against bacteria, viruses and also fungi.

Calcium hydroxide - antiseptic and cleanser, it also corrects a pH too acidic.

Calendula extract - gently hydrates damaged, delicate skin and promotes healing.

Candelilla wax - hardening texture agent.

Castor oil - antiseptic and softening, it protects brown spots. It also allows the soap to have a creamy foam.

Cedarwood oil - antifungal, its smell calm and away mosquitoes.

Chromium oxide green - green mineral dye, complementary to red to mask redness.

Coconut oil - moisturizing with a divine aroma, it‘s one of our favorite oils around here.

Eucalyptus lemon oil - antiseptic and painkiller, it repels mosquitoes and relieves stings.

Gray clay - softening and cleansing, it regulates sebum secretion, tightens pores and eliminates impurities.

Green tea oil - emollient with healing and antioxidant properties, it helps skin feel rejuvenated.

Iron oxide - mineral dye red brick.

Jojoba oil - moisturizing and nourishing, it regulates the secretions of sebum and softened sensitive skin. It also smooths and strengthens the skin.

Lavender oil - calms and relaxes the mind and is soft on the skin.

Mimosa - texture and fragrance agent, it protects sensitive skin by leaving a layer.

Neem oil - with its antiseptic, moisturizing and regenerating properties, it’s the queen of skin remedies.

Olive oil - easily absorbed to help nourish and regenerate the skin.

Peppermint oil - relieves the itching.

Tea tree oil - naturally cleansing and refreshing, this oil provides deep relief for skin irritations.

Roman chamomile oil - promotes feelings of calm and inner peace with its relaxing properties.

Shea butter - this luscious butter is protective and leaves skin smooth and soft.

Sodium hydroxide - saponifies (turns into soap) and lather.

Soybean oil - this light oil is gorgeous for massages leaving skin feeling radiant and non-greasy.

Sweet almond oil - softening, it nourishes the skin. It also fights against stretch marks.

Sweet orange oil - this sweet uplifting citrus promotes feelings of happiness, relaxation and calm.

Titanium dioxide - white mineral dye.

Vanilla - perfumes, moisturizes, softens dry skin and regenerates cells (anti-aging function and accelerator of healing).

Vitamin E - antioxidant, it is a natural preservative of the products and the skin (anti-aging).