Hi! The story behind Énamour

I am very humbled and happy to share the beginning of our story with you.


I am not going to be long, but I have finally come around to taking some time to sit and write Énamour's first blog post. I'll take a moment to introduce the little story behind the brand. If it weren't for my gorgeous family, énamour wouldn't exist. One night, in November 2014 in the bathroom with my [amazing] husband, before brushing our teeth (prime face to face time of working parents with two young children on a given Wednesday), I started complaining. Complaining about the look of our kids' soap packaging, how baby-ish I thought they looked and how I didn't fully understand the list of ingredients in there. I thought I should do something about it.

I started thinking how we could change this. I wanted to create beautiful bottles and jars that people would be proud to display on their changing tables instead of hiding away. But I also wanted to be sure that the contents were all-natural. As pretty outside as there are good on the inside. We launched in November 2015.

Encouraging minimalist and responsible consumption is an aspiration that sets Énamour apart. We’re not interested in producing tons of different products just to boost sales. Our line of high quality products is small but versatile. We don't want you to buy things you don't need! But rather buy high quality products that you will use sparingly, will cherish, take good care of. It's better for your babies, for your wallet and for the environment! We promise to offer only useful products, and as often as possible, that can be shared by all the family members.


What does énamour mean?


After that night when I had the idea, I had butterflies in my stomach and I knew there was no going back. I had to go forward with the project. Within a week, I had found the name and had bought the URL! The brand name comes from the verb "to be enamoured", of which I have always liked the sound. I wanted our products to connect this positive and tender sentiment.


Until next time, take care,



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