2% of our total revenue is donated to the Women's Centre of Montréal.

In their words: "The mission of the Women’s Centre of Montreal is equally as important today as it was when we opened our doors 40 years ago – to help women help themselves by giving them the necessary tools and skills to improve their lives and those of their families. Each year the Centre responds to more than 45 000 requests including measures to overcome poverty and violence, support to enter the workforce or assistance to new immigrants and native women as well as expectant mothers, new mothers and their young children."

The Centre also keeps the public informed on the concerns of women and plays a key role in the improvement of living conditions for women.

Gender equality and the evolving roles of women in society are near and dear to Énamour and we are extremely proud to be partnering with such a worthy and established organisation in our own neighbourhood.

It may seem small, but every bit counts and every one of your purchases contributes to this worthy cause. 


1% of our sales are also donated to 1% for the planet

Lovers of all living beings, we want to protect our planet. We try to contribute to its preservation on our scale, using only natural ingredients (as much as possible organic) and limiting our wastes and yours with less packaging.

Then, we decided to be part of the thousand companies that choose to donate 1% of their business turnover to environmental protection associations through the platform 1% for the planet.


Changing the world, one product at the time

Information is power and we believe we can bring positive change to the world by eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in skincare products for children. We believe that by educating people about the negative impact of harmful chemicals in our everyday lives we can bring positive change to the lives of all families. We believe this starts at home.

We support lobbying of government for positive change and stricter laws regarding the use of toxic chemicals and we provide education to our community on the topic. By signing up for our emails you won't only receive promotions and product info, you'll be joining a community that shares in these beliefs.

Will you join us?